rinne allen
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an ongoing project, this project began 6 or 7 years ago as a side project to some of the other photography work i was doing in food and textiles. a series of photo essays and words, Harvest originally found a home at the new york times' t magazine where it has run in regular installments since september of 2014. other stories from the series have appeared in Gravy from the SFA and other print publications.

 the series looks at the ways we interact with nature and how, in turn, nature provides us with the things we need...for our sustenance, our shelter, and also, for our inspiration. the harvests explored are from across the American South and include many edible and inedible ingredients, and the process of growing them and harvesting them, over many seasons, and often years, documenting and showing what happens after the harvest.

it is hoped that the viewer will gain an appreciation for those who work with their hands in the environment, but also for the ingredients and resources it in turn provides us.